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Problem Statement:
An android mobile phone is purchased on a 24 month contract from a provider’s store. The phone comes with a package consisting of 500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet (there is no restriction as to fair use). Twelve weeks into the contract the phone malfunctions.
What standard of service is expected from the package provider? Critically assess how effective legislation can be in this situation.
Additional Information is given below that is helpful and should be used:
The store offers a repair, which will take four weeks, and gives a non-android substitute to cover the time the phone is away.  The substitute has no access to the internet. An exclusion clause in the contract states that “ should a repair become necessary, there is no automatic right for a comparable phone to be supplied until the repairs are completed. Repairs should only take 48 hours.”
Acts that should be used while writing the answer are:
  • the sale of goods act 1979
  • the sale and supply of goods act 1994
  • the sale and supply of goods to consumer Regulation 2002
  • supply of goods and services act 1982
  • the unfair contract terms act 1977
  • the consumer protection act 1987



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