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 Assessment Description
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Learning Outcomes
The student should be able to:
a)     Demonstrate ability to examine their understanding of the learning they have gained so far and how this learning has helped build both cognitive and behavioural skills
b)     Manifest evidence that is meaningful to their understanding. For example, what have they learnt from their experience at lectures and seminars and how has this experience changed their current thinking?
c)     Evaluate how the knowledge gained from this experience can be used in their future employment
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Reflective Assessment guidelines
The purpose of this assessment is to get you engaged in a certain kind of scholarly reflection about your learning. It is usual to present knowledge of theory than show how this knowledge can be applied to particular circumstances. It is important to demonstrate that you can use this knowledge to gain an added benefit in learning.  A concept that you may have learnt may have little value if you are unable to consider how this might affect the way that you think and behave. For example, you are asked to reflect on differences between a given approach to a problem and the approach that would be adopted by an international marketer. 
The questions ask you to translate the learning into actual personal gains –It may be that many of you have limited work experience but you have a life experience that enables the experience of learning – so in effect you need to inquire
  1. What key concepts (learnt from reading, lecture materials etc.) have opened up your thinking process and advanced your thinking and behaviour?
  2. Can you apply, integrate, and/or contextualise your group/ class experiences in relation to your seminars/lectures?
  3.  Are you now approaching learning differently?  And how?
  4. Have you enhanced your personal and academic reflection? –Has this made you think more and in which areas this has been particularly revealing?
  5. Write down how you feel about these changes and why you think the learning has helped you academically and likely to help you in your future career

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