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201660 MGT540 Additional Assessment (AA)
MGT540- Management of Change
Return date by midnight: 19-Jan-2017
Length: 2,000 words (+/-10%)
Short answer questions
Discuss the following questions:
Use examples, such as from your own organization or the peer reviewed literature to illustrate your essay. Drawing on the subject material and readings, as well as wider reading from the peer-reviewed academic literature answer the following questions:
Discuss common reasons why change is resisted and how managers commonly view resistance. (400 words)
Critically examine the key theoretical concepts of resistance considered in this subject and how they are linked to the two key theoretical ontologies used in this subject. (600 words)
Critically examine the relationship between power and resistance, and the ethical issues that these raise in relation to the managerial and resistant positions. (600 words)
Critically discuss the implications of power and resistance for the role of the change agent in ethically managing change, in both the dialogical and problem-centric approaches to change management (400 words)
Use brief examples from your own organisation, or from peer reviewed literature, to illustrate your answers.
Use the questions as subheadings.
Your writing style must follow professional literacy:
Use citations and a final reference list that follows the APA 6 guidelines accurately
Aim for quality of writing and presentation: use of topic and linking sentences, and connected paragraphs; accurate mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.); use respectful language to discuss all people; avoid emotive language; employ inclusive, non-sexist language; not opinionated, i.e. support observations with evidence and logical argument.
A minimum of twelve appropriate and relevant peer-reviewed references should be used.
NB: MARKING- As an AA , a maximum final mark of 50% for this subject can be awarded.

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