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You are required to identify and select an organisation and complete an analysis of a department, service or the entire organisation. You need to describe your organisation and situation and, using the theory you have covered in PHE5HOR, answer specific questions and make recommendations for the future.
Your written response should be 2,500 words ±10% (3,000 words ±10% for nursing students ONLY). This assignment counts towards 60% of your total mark. This is an academic/consultancy paper and should be structured and referenced as such. The paper must be submitted through this unit LMS website and Turnitin (checking for the originality of your work) at two steps as outlined on the website.  You may receive feedback on the referencing in your assignments by using the Turnitin facility to generate an Originality Report (only one attempt before final submission is allowed). Students are encouraged to make use of this facility to review assignments before final submission for marking.
If possible, choose an organisation with which you are familiar. If it is a large organisation, identify a department or service that you will use for your analysis. If it is a smaller organisation and/or there are less than 20 employees within the department, complete your analysis on the entire organisation.
For your chosen department, service or organisation:
Describe the existing structure
Hypothesise why the existing structure was chosen and suggest how it contributes to organisational health.
Review the functions, goals, interdependencies with other departments/ services/ organisations and the accountabilities of the department/ service/ organisation
Discuss how the existing structure is likely to facilitate or impede the achievement of the identified goals, purposes, relationships, etc.
Make a justified recommendation, drawing upon your knowledge of the theory, either providing support for the existing structure or making a recommendation for a different, more appropriate structure. Be specific in your description of the existing/new structure and the reasons why you have chosen this structure.

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