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Gain insight, knowledge, and understanding into areas, topics, and issues that relate to and/or are impacting marketing. With any topic you choose, you need to focus on how this topic or issue impacts the marketing aspect. What marketing activities and strategies have been successful and what strategies have not been as successful and for what brands? What is the impact of this particular issue on marketing? How do the marketing activities affect the consumer? How does the consumer perceive the marketing activities? How do consumers engage or interact with the marketing activities? What is the customer experience? What are marketing professionals going to have to consider and be aware of with regard to this issue? These are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you tie your topic into marketing and the marketing function. 
With this objective of gaining insight, knowledge and understanding into topics and issues that relate to marketing, make sure to give an objective and analytical assessment of the topic. Do not give an editorial or opinion piece. Do not take a stance on one side of an issue and put forth evidence to bring that one side out. Do not put forth a fan paper of a brand or company. Make sure to look at the issue or topic you choose analytically and objectively, from a neutral standpoint. 
There are two written assignments, which involves a 3-page paper for each assignment.
Select a topic for each of your written assignments.
Select a topic by end of Week 2 for the Assignment due Week 3.
Select a topic by end of Week 6 for Assignment due Week 7.
Submit your topic you have selected no later than end of Week 2 and end of Week 6. Submit your topic under Assignments>Week 2: Topic Approval or Assignments>Weeks 5-6: Topic Approval. Also include information on 3 potential sources you may be using to develop your writing assignment (provide links, names of web sites, names of articles, etc.) This means you need to do a preliminary search for sources of information you will use. This will help tell you if you can find information and it is useful and relevant information for the topic you are selecting.
Choose a different topic for each of the two written assignments.
Topics are meant to expand your insights into marketing beyond the text book. You will need to obtain information on these topics outside of the textbook.
Length: maximum 3 pages. Give your best thoughts in 3 pages maximum
Top of your paper: Title of your paper (give your paper a specific topic relevant to your topic), your name (please use your formal last name as listed for the course)
Footer: Page numbers in the footer of your paper (a page number on each page)
Font: single spaced, Word document, 12 point font
Due:  End of the week in which it is due
Outline for content of your written assignment
IMPORTANT: Put subheadings in bold in your paper to divide it into 'chapters' or 'sections'. Here is an example of subheadings to use in your paper:
Introduction - make sure to label your Introduction and have your topic for your paper stated right in this introduction
Background (optional, if you have this in your paper)
Subheading(s) specific to your key points - you can give subheadings specific to your key points that you are going to discuss, such as "Types of Digital Advertising,' then 'Big Brands that Use Digital Marketing,' and finally 'Small Brands that Use Digital Marketing.'
Introduction: say what you are going to cover in your paper, say what is the main idea/topic or main purpose of your paper, say the key issues or points you are going to discuss regarding this topic, this is the organizing principal for your paper, make sure it is clear and specific (not too broad that you could not cover the topic), this is where you capture the interest of the reader. (.25 page)
Background or more explanation of main topic, if necessary: more explanation of the topic, some general areas that are included in the topic, background of the problem or situation being faced. (.25 page)
Body / Key Points: (~2.5 pages)
Discuss each of your key points, One key issue with regard to…the second key issue with regard to, the last point to consider with … Make sure to have a topic sentence for each point - stating clearly what is your key point. Then make sure to provide real world examples or evidence that clarifies and brings out your key points. Third, make sure to give some discussion or analysis of your key points. This is the core of your paper. (2 pages)
Conclusion: your assessment of this topic, the impact of this issue on the marketing function, the company, the product, brand, and/or the consumer, for example, this is the conclusion and ties back to the beginning. (.25-.5 pages)
Sources: list at least 3 sources of information, do not cite Wikipedia as a source, do not use political/think tank sources that can have an underlying agenda, you need at least 2 sources that are neutral/3rd party sources that do not have a stake in any brand you are discussing (source listing can be in addition to the 3 page max. total)
100 points total for each written assignment. Two written assignments = 200 points total
80 points content and insight: show understanding of topic, relevant, accurate, adequate and believable content, including specific examples, evidence, and discussion so that you are supporting your key points, not full of top of mind thoughts, overreaching statements, or general statements with no facts or examples to make them clear, believable. You relate the topic to marketing. The paper is your writing and you cite when you use other's phrasing or ideas. Your assignment is not filled with long quotes; it is filled with your writing. Your writing is objective and analytical. Do not write an opinion paper of some issue or 'fan' paper of some company, but rather analyze objectively and note strengths and weaknesses, for example. 
20 points writing, organization, and format: well formulated paragraphs with a meaningful flow of ideas, clear writing and not vague or confusing, use correct grammar, no long meandering sentences, no incomplete/run on sentences, correct spelling, punctuation, and formatting, no missing words, improper tenses, no slang or informal language unless it is necessary and then set off in quotes. You follow the directions for format, and outline, and you have subheadings in your paper

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