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Discussion Question 1
Dell(r) Computers has begun setting up kiosks demonstrating their products in regional malls across the country. They are also selling their computers in Wal-Mart stores, Best Buy, and other U.S. retailers. Dell will soon be selling through retailers in China.  Consumers are no longer directed to their web site to place an order.  Obviously, Dell has had to change its "contact” with consumers. What effect do you believe this type of change in their direct marketing mantra is having on Dell's business? Must other direct marketers make the change?
Discussion Question 2
Identify three new products (introduced to the consumer and/or business markets within the last year) and classify them as either: a new-to-the-world product, a new product line, an addition to the existing product line, an improvement and/or revision of existing product(s), or a repositioning of an existing item. For each product selected, identify what challenges you think the developing company faced in marketing this product. What rate of diffusion and consumer adoption do you foresee for these new products? 

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