Food and Beverage Management- Career line Courses Lesson 6


Assessment Description

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1. Create a table with 10 non-alcoholic beverages. Create and fill in columns with the details of presentation, serving container, temperature and accompaniments.

2. Draw up a beverage list (non-alcoholic) for a food and beverage establishment of your choice. Include a brief (paragraph) explanation of why you chose this selection of beverages. Don’t forget to detail the type of establishment you prepared the list for.

3. Discuss the role and importance of non-alcoholic beverages in the following settings (write up to one paragraph for each):

  • A small café with a busy breakfast and lunch trade

  • A licensed a la carte restaurant

  • A black tie catered event.

    4. Report on the findings you made in your set task using a table to compare the products and/or up to half a page written discussion.

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