PPMP20009 Project Management Methodologies

Assignment Description

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Cover page: (2 marks)

  • Attach a cover page from word and provide the following information

o Student name and ID

o Unit code and name

o Assignment name

 o Assignment due date

o Lecturer name

 o Campus

Paragraph 1: (4 marks)

  • Provide an introduction for your essay.

Paragraph 2 onwards: (27 marks)

You are specifically to use the following charts, tables from the report to create discussion requested below.

Chart 2.1, p.4; Chart 2.2,p.4; Chart 2.7, p.9; Table 4.3, p.18

  • The next few paragraphs should discuss the following points.


o Data source/data types/ scales of measurements

o Methods of data summarizing, presenting and their importance to the article

o Type of statistics used: descriptive statistics/ statistical

o inferences

o Measures of location/ measures of variations

o Suggestions for further improvements.

Last paragraph:                                                    (5 marks)

  • Provide a conclusion/discussion for your essay

Formatting:                                                             (2 marks)

  • Formatting guideline:
  • 5 spacing, 11 or 12, Calibri or Times New Roman or Areal font (only one type of font for the whole assignment) and Normal site margins and A4 size paper.


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