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Week 1 Creative Thinker: Sigmund Freud 
Each week you will be asked to read a chapter in the Howard Gardner text "Creating Minds." Then each week you are to add to the conversation in four areas: 1) education, 2) family life, 3) relationships, and 4) personality. The class will, as a result, create one big conversation from which you can draw information to create your final project for this course. You are REQUIRED to add material to the conversation as you see fit.  
So, the question is: Describe this week's creative thinker in four areas: 
family life
For this first week ONLY this discussion each week is not due until Sunday.  However, as in future weeks, this will be due on Wednesday of each week.  Please feel free to refer to these thinkers throughout the course.  I will therefore leave this discussion open each week so you can go back and view and add material throughout the course.  
Remember, this discussion is for YOU and YOUR FINAL PROJECT which will be about the thinkers in this book.  So the information you all accrue in these creative thinker threads will ultimately help you in the end.

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