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Obstacles in Writing Assignments

Writing assignments are the big task in every student’s life. Preparing an assignment, submitting it and then waiting for the grades is a highly stressful period for the students. For getting good marks, writing a proper assignment is required. The assignments are given to the students to judge the level of knowledge they earned in the class by the teachers. It is not just worrying for the freshmen, but equally stressful for the sophomore and senior. Good assignment writing requires skills, knowledge, and dedication. There are lots of pressures in the student’s life, which affects them in making assignments. In…

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Improve your Exam Performance

The academic stress can make even the brightest student underperform during exams.  They get nervous and could not score as expected. Maximize your marks by fine-tuning for the exam preparation. Lack of motivation, less preparation and planning, competition with peers and high expectation from others can lead to stress and reason for the downfall in the exams. With few techniques used, you can push yourself and motivate to improve your work.  Listening to the music, taking a quick walk, playing with your puppies, talking to some and so on can be very relaxing for exam preparation, but let’s face it…

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