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How to write a POSITION PAPER

A position paper is referred as an essay which presents an opinion about some issue, typically  of the author and other specified entity like some political party. Also, position papers are even published in some  academia, in politics,  law and various other domains. Position paper writing often range from the simplest format of the letter to  editor through and even to the some of the most complex one in the form of an academic position paper. Position papers are even used by some large organizations for making public some of the official beliefs and recommendations of various groups. The main purpose of the position paper is mainly…

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Importance of Making “Minutes” of meeting

Minutes of the meeting  are written and  recorded documentation which is used for informing the attendees and the non-attendees about the happenings during the meeting. The minutes of meeting are generally taken and recorded at the time of  the meeting so that the participants have a written record of what happened in the meeting. Minutes are also known as the  protocols or more informally the notes which are the instant written record of  meeting or a hearing. Minutes  typically describes the events which take place in the meeting along  with a list of the attendees and a statement about the issues which are considered…

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