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Role of Mobile Technology in Enhancing the Learning

The use of mobile phones has rapidly increased in the past few decades, especially with the decrease in their prices ensuring its easy availability. With its rising demand, there has been a rapid advancement in mobile technology in the past 20 years. Some of the technological developments include MMS, internet access, touch screens, handheld computers, wireless communications like infrared and Bluetooth. In addition, information and record keeping and storage applications (like Microsoft office) have also been incorporated into the phones. With these developments, mobile use has proven to be a value addition tool in learning and education. According to researchers,…

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L’Oréal’s global brand management strategies

L’Oreal has emerged as a global brand within a period of 100 years. In such 100 years, the company had taken several brand management strategies that resulted in efficient performance and helped in recognition of the company as a global brand. Those strategies turned a single product prepared by a French chemist into a multi brand company. Hence, as per my view, yes, the strategies inherited by the L’Oreal were primarily responsible for its impressive financial performance and its amazing brand recognition. The reason for this was that the company always tries its best to make sure that each one…

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