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Instructions:  On a scale of 1 to 7, indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the 14 statements in terms of how well they describe you.


Very Strongly Disagree           1 (does not describe me at all)

Strongly Disagree                    2

Disagree                                  3

Neutral                                    4 (neither agree nor disagree)

Agree                                      5

Strongly Agree                        6

Very Strongly Agree                7 (describes me completely)



  1. When working with people from other cultures, I work hard to understand their ______ perspectives.                                                 
  2. I have a solid understanding of my organization’s products and services. ______
  3. I am willing to take a stand on issues. ______
  4. I have a special talent for dealing with people.                                                             ______
  5. I can be depended on to tell the truth regardless of the circumstances. ______
  6. I am good at identifying the most important part of a complex problem or issue. ______
  7. I clearly demonstrate commitment to seeing the organization succeed. ______
  8. I take personal as well as business risks. ______
  9. I have changed as a result of feedback from others. ______
  10. I enjoy the challenge of working in countries other than my own. ______
  11. I take advantage of opportunities to do new things. ______
  12. I find criticism hard to take*. ______ 
  13. I seek feedback even when others are reluctant to give it. ______
  14. I don’t get so invested in things that I cannot change when something doesn’t                       ______

 work out.   

TOTAL                                                                                                                                                                                                          ______





To calculate your score, reverse your score for item 12 (1=7, 2=6, etc.).  Then add up all of your responses for your total.



Analysis & Interpretation:


This instrument has been designed to tap into dimensions associated with success as an

international executive. These include general intelligence, business knowledge,

interpersonal skills, commitment, courage, cross-cultural competencies, and the ability to

learn from experience.


Total scores will fall between 14 and 98. The higher your score, the greater your potential

for success as an international manager. While the authors of this instrument provided no

specific cutoffs, it seems reasonable to assume that scores of 70 or higher indicate

relatively strong potential for success in a global management position.


(Adapted from G.M. Spreitzer, M.W. McCall Jr., and J.D. Mahoney, “Early Identification of International Executive Potential,” Journal of Applied Psychology, February 1997, pp. 6-29)


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