The Elements of Intentional Torts

Assignment 3.2: The Elements of Intentional Torts


When conducting a deposition, attorneys frequently organize questions around the elements of the torts and defenses in the case. For this assignment, you will analyze a scenario and identify the elements of intentional torts using a column technique. To determine if the elements of each tort have been satisfied, you will draft deposition questions.


At the Los Angeles International Airport, actor Russell Brand and his fiancée Katy Perry worked their way through a crowd of celebrity photographers, otherwise known as the paparazzi. Russell shoved a photographer named Don, who he thought was bothering Katy. After the incident, Andrew, another member of the paparazzi, made a citizen's arrest to detain Russell until police could arrive. Police arrived and charged Russell with battery. Don the photographer is suing Russell for assault and battery. Russell is suing Andrew, the paparazzi member who detained him, for false imprisonment and false arrest. Your firm represents Russell, and your supervising attorney will be deposing the two photographers.



  1. Review the required readings.
  2. Review the scenario.
  3. Your supervising attorney has asked you to draft an initial set of questions for deposition. In a new Microsoft Word document, draft the deposition questions and organize them around the elements of the torts of assault, battery, and false imprisonment.
  4. In the same Microsoft Word document, use the column technique to connect the facts that you already know from the scenario to the elements of the torts.
  5. Finally, in the same Microsoft Word document, note the information you need to know to determine whether or not each element has been established.
  6. Your document must be one to two pages long, double-spaced, set in 12-point type, and framed with one-inch margins.

         •   Include your name at the top of the first page.

         •   Proofread to eliminate mechanical and grammatical errors.

  7. Save and submit your file using the Browse function below.

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