Strategic Human Resource Management

Introduction to Task:

You have been commissioned by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD), to research and produce an informative and advisory academic paper that will inform structure debate and enlighten business leaders, from both Private and Public sector organisations, of the theoretical basis, models and practices of SHRM.

The aim of this work is to provide business leaders with the knowledge and understanding of SHRM to shape and structure debate and to facilitate their decision making when developing an effective HRM strategy.
It is important, that you share your knowledge and application of the theories and models that companies can use to strategically manage their Human Resources. The specific aim of this work is to promote understanding of the theoretical basis of SHRM, Performance Management and Reward whilst managing the Employment Relations.

You will apply your knowledge and understanding of SHRM to produce a 3000 word report [+/- 10%] in which you will critically analyse and evaluate the HRM literature, theories, models and practices before making recommendations of where and how improvements can be made within an organisation. It is strongly suggested that each task includes a brief Introduction, main body, (with sub-headings), Conclusion, Appendices if needed, with Reference List. Your work will be grounded in academic theory, and supported with, authoritative and reliable academic sources.

Task 1 – 50 Marks

Explain the relationship between business strategy and the human resource strategy with further explanation of vertical alignment and horizontal integration across the organisation.

Critically evaluate, compare and contrast, the theoretical basis and models of SHRM. You should explain, critically analyse the strategic perspectives of Best fit/Contingency, Best Practice/Universalist and Resource Based View, (RBV). Your work will then critically evaluate the specific HR practices of Performance Management and Reward. You will make recommendations to propose how you could design/re-design a performance management system, to support Organisational Development and Change. This task will be supported by, and make reference to, authoritative and reliable academic sources.


Task 2 – 50 Marks

Explain and critically discuss the nature and theoretical perspectives of Employment Relations. You will Identify and critically evaluate the roles of the actors within the Employment Relationship with analysis of the changing nature of employment relations. You will make recommendations of how mechanisms of employee participation and employee voice can contribute to improved employment relations within an organisational context. This task will be supported by, and make reference to, authoritative and reliable academic sources.



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