Research Paper Assignment


HINT: It should be written in last as per lecturer

2)Introduction (2 Pages)

HINT: It should be written in last as per lecturer

3 Problem Overviews

  1. A) Application of tech
  2. C) About technology
  3. C) Research issues

We need to take minimum 6 research issues regarding BIG DATA.

Then one by one for each research issue considered we need to write on it in depth and one research issue should have atleast 2 research papers used.

Total research papers should be minimum 12.

4) Related work (5-6 pages )

It is the MOST IMPORTANT section and we need to start with the recent papers like 2018,2017,2016…. It should have research issues and overall discussion based on the 6 research issues we have considered above. We have to write related to them  


5) Proposed methodology - Give solution

(It is also related to the 6 research issues and we can propose methodology for the 6 issues used above)

6) Experimental analysis

 (In this we need to show if there is any algorithm or program code etc regarding our 6 research issues.)

7) Conclusion  

8) Recommendation

9) References


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