Policy Nursing Assignment



 Write a formal submission on a New Zealand health related policy that you consider should be retained or requires changing.

 The format of this submission will include:

  1. A one page executive summary which is succinct and provides a summary of the main points of your submission.
  2.  The submission details must include:
    • A statement outlining  the focus of the submission
    • A statement outlining how the submission was formulated
    • Evidence about what is good and what is problematic with the current or proposed policy
    • Information about key stakeholders in this policy
    • A proposal (using evidence and argument) about what should be retained in the chosen policy,  and what should be retained and/or changed, and why
    • Critical discussion about the feasibility of proposed changes.
    • A conclusion
    • References to support your submission

Word limit: 4000 words




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