Nursing Term 2 Assignment



You are to prepare a power point presentation in groups of 4 relating to the criteria listed below (part 1 and 2). You have been given a case study below that you can use as an example of communication and the nursing role. After each presentation there will be questions and discussion on the content. You will answer 2 questions on the criteria that you present and need to prepare 2 questions for one of your peers. This will demonstrate how clearly you communicate.

Please include your notes within your powerpoint in the notes section.

Part 1:

  1. From your own research explain the term health making reference to the social, medical and holistic models. (AC 1.1).
  2. Create a timeline explaining the key developments in health in the 20th century (AC 2.1).

Discuss the establishment of the National Health Service (AC 2.2) and discuss the way in which community care has developed (A 2.3). How have these developments improved patient care? 1000 words (AC 3.2, 3.3)

Part 2:

Scenario: Andrew has Downs Syndrome. He lives in a nursing home. He is attending a multi agency meeting with his social worker to discuss the possibility of cardiac surgery. He is keen for him to go ahead however the Consultant surgeon does not advise it due to medical risks and life expectancy. There is a large multi agency team caring for Andrew including specialist nurses, doctors and community care workers.

  1. Explain the range of verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills required in healthcare. (AC 3.1). Discuss the importance of confidentiality in the caring professions (AC 3.4). Explain how communication skills affect Equal Opportunities in the caring professions (AC 3.5)
  2. Explain how independence, privacy and dignity can be maintained when assisting people with their personal needs. (AC 4.1) Explain the role of the carer and patient in relation to the balance of power. (AC 4.2) Discuss three different specialisms within nursing. (AC 4.3).Discuss the roles of three other health care professions. (AC 4.4) 2000 words
  1. Prepare 2 questions that you will ask whilst listening to the others presentations and be prepared to listen, answer questions and discuss factors relating to your presentation.(AC 3.2, 3.3) 

Total word count = 3000 (+/- 10%). This does not include references.

If you use 1.5 line spacing it is easier for me to comment.


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