NUR3020 – S-2 2017 Assignment 2: Topics for Professional Practice

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NUR3020 – S-2 2017

Assignment 2: Topics for Professional Practice


Objectives:  Assignment two: 1

Overview. 1

Topics/Themes (each must have an Australian and ‘new graduate’ focus): 2

Aims/Pitch/Audience: 2

Process. 3

Guidelines. 3


The purpose of the essay is to accomplish the learning objectives.

The student is to write an essay about a topic of relevance to Registered Nurses, particularly those beginning their practice.   Students will select one of the themes from the list below.  The essay will develop that theme (i.e. a ‘point’, a statement or an argument) and then be supported from appropriate and current literature.   [NOTE: academic literature – not websites and beyond ANMAC/NMBA/AHPRA standards]

For a review of essay writing and theme development please access the resources on the USQ web:


Topics/Themes (must have an Australian and ‘new graduate’ focus): 

  1. New graduate registered nurses, who have previously worked as enrolled nurses in Australia, must navigate challenges in transitioning to their new role as a registered nurse.




  1. Essay conventions are expected (see introduction/conclusion). See:
  2. The aim is to write current and pertinent information targeted for novice Registered Nurses in the Australian Environment.
  3. A high level of scholarship (researching the literature, using the literature and writing the paper) is expected. To these ends, 12 pertinent and current resources is the minimum.  Current means in this course 8 years ‘young’ unless a seminal (classic) work. Sometimes secondary citations in a current article will be older (please check in a timely manner with the examiner if in doubt).
  4. The theme development will clearly demonstrate an argument through the paper.



  1. Due Date: 4th October 2017
  2. Word limit is 2000 words – by computer count excluding reference list
  3. The assignment represents 50% of the work in the course – Marking guide is out of 25 marks.
  4. Please note referencing is APA6 as per USQ library guidelines.


  1. Support your theme well – write clearly to the audience (the reader).
  1. Students must use APA6 (consistently).
  1. Achieving correct referencing formatting is just one aspect of referencing. More important is how to a) use someone else’s published material, b) correctly synthesise it into the student’s own work – and c) correctly acknowledge that it is either a published author’s work – or ascribed to someone else within their work (a secondary citation).

Secondary citations are explained in the APA referencing guides on the USQ library website.


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