Mobilising Creativity and Innovation


Report on Individual Creative thinking skills   

50% weighting

In this unit we consider many alternative approaches and perspectives on how organisational creativity and innovation might be promoted or blocked in practice across multiple levels: individual, group and organisation.  Assignment 1 is specifically concerned with promoting individual creativity as it contributes to the innovation process.

Critically evaluate creative problem solving (CPS) in the context of your work organization, (Name company is Oman Oil Company S.A.O.S). You will need to consider individual blocks to the generation of new ideas and how these might be overcome using structured techniques. Using Osborn-Parnes as a framework how might you plan to facilitate a CPS session using structured techniques? 

Your analysis must be independently written up in report format (1500 words) individually and must be informed and fully supported by quality academic theory, citing appropriate sources and with full bibliographic references using the Harvard style)    More than 15 sources.



Section / Title

Details / Guidance

Title page

Title of your report.  Address (to: Said salim  Director of Human Resources  /from: Aziz Nasser Administrative   ) and date the report.

Executive Summary

150-word maximum summary of your report, including key recommendations.

Contents Page

Include page numbers.


Short (approximately 150 words) introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the report are, what the report will cover and why.  The importance of organisational creativity and innovation. Why is creative thinking difficult for many people?


Using third party sources (e.g. academic literature or practitioner-orientated material) for support, analyse the theoretical concept underpinning individual blocks to creative thinking and a critical evaluation of how structured techniques, or alternative approaches, might be used to enhance creative thinking. You should make reference to any relevant models, and frameworks and provide evidence.                                           (Approximately 700 words)


This section should initially answer the report aim and objectives and draw together the main points from your analysis of literature. It summarises what has been learned from undertaking this analysis. No new information should be presented in the conclusions.  (Approximately 250 words)


The recommendations for action should be linked to promoting and sustaining organisational creativity and innovation, or to enhancing the existing levels. In other words, your recommendations should cover conceivable contingencies for promoting individual creativity and innovation at work.                                                    (Approximately 250 words)

Reference List

A list of all sources cited directly in the text. Harvard style  

)    More than 15 sources((Arrange the alphabet)

Bibliography List

The sources you consulted but which you do not cite. 


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