Literature Review

Assignment- There is variety of skills that are important for today’s professional manager. They are too numerous to include in a report. You will be allocated one skill i.e. optimistic and your assessment is to discuss the role of that skill for today’s professional manager in making a positive difference to your career.

Word limit-1500 words.  A sample of table of contents is listed below:

Introduction- no more than 150 words, minimum three references in this section.

Literature Review- I would expect 8 references in for this section and between 800 words in length, include headings and sub-headings in this section.


Critical analysis of literature review: 400 words

Conclusion: 150-200 words.

You need to include at least three academic references in the main body as well as one academic reference for each of the skills you have discussed.

Bibliography: All essays require a bibliography at the end in the APA format. These words are not counted in the word limit.

Please note:

Included in the assignment, you will need to highlight 10 joining words ( first, second, third, comparatively, in contrast, otherwise, unless, while, surely, in detail, to explain, to clarify, thus, forthwith, in brief, ultimately, obviously, before, eventually, further, since, occasionally, whenever, meanwhile, about)


Use 5 useful sentences from below:-

>Along similar lines, [X] argues that_____.

>There is ample / growing support for the claim that_____.

>The data gathered in the [pilot study] suggests / suggest that____.

>The (current) literature on [X] abounds with examples of____.

>The consensus view seems to be that_____.

>Further research in this area may include____and_____.

>There is a rapidly growing literature on [X], which indicates that____.


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