Information Technology Assignment

Consider that a fictitious company is investigating several technologies for future investment that could help them gain a competitive edge in the market. 

As an employee of this company, you have been asked to investigate / research one of the following topics of your choosing. 

You are to provide a report that conveys your understanding of what the technology is, how it works, where it is best deployed etc. You must describe its benefits and shortcomings particularly in relation to your company’s context. 

Consider benefits as they relate to resolving problems, operational efficiency, cost, increased flexibility and sustainability.

Configuration examples are accepted where they enhance understanding of the report and are commented to show your understanding.

Supporting diagrams that help convey meaning are encouraged.

You must provide references for all sources of information and supporting materials. References must be in text and listed at the end.


This report is intended to be received and reviewed by the IT manager. You can assume the IT manager has a good understanding of networking technologies in general. 


Each technology is paired with a context indicating the company’s current environment as it relates to the new technology. The context gives you scope for analysing the pros and cons of the technology. Note that your report is not limited to this scope and you are free to make other sensible assumptions about the company network. You must document any assumptions you have made. 



Quality of service

The company experiences intermittent performance issues for its VOIP clients and video conferences both locally and across the WAN. In addition there are occasional complaints regarding its centrally located financial application.


The company has a legacy deployment of autonomous access points across a few sites. It is looking to replace these and roll out to other sites a solution offering centralised management, security and roaming.

WAN virtualisation

The company currently has several sites whose primary interconnectivity is via service provider connections (MPLS VPN).  However the company also employs a mix of local internet connections and dedicated back door links (e.g. dark fibre).

WAN optimisation

The company has several lower bandwidth sites that are suffering from sporadic poor performance. In addition the company has several WAN links where they are charged on data usage. 

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