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Topic:                       Subject content up to and  including week 5 - Text Ch's 1. 5. 6. 7 8

Task Details:            Students will be required to apply theory and financial techniques to solve                   

                                  Financial management questions. And draw conclusions based on the

                                  analysis. The exam will consist of a series of short and longer answer    


Assessment 2 


Assessment Type:  Assigment-2000 +/- 10% words essay response and one analytical response-

                                 individual assessment. Assignment specification will be uploaded to Moodle   

                                 before week 5


Purpose:                This assessment will allow students to have experience in analyzing            

                                financial implications for a given business scenario and communicating the                                        

                                analysis and conclusion in report format as would be expected in a modern                  

                                organization. This assessment contributes to Learning Outcomes a b & c.



Value:                    30%


Due Date:              Week 10 – 8.00 Pm Wednesday of week 10


Submission:           Upload a soft copy word .doc or .docx to moodle and Turnitin. A printed                

                                copy is to be handed to the tutor in tutorial week 10

Topic:                     Financial analysis and  recommendations- the specific case will be provided     

                                in class and via moodle by week 5.

Task Details:         Students are to analyse the given financial data using relevant financial      

                               analysis techniques, and create relevant, supported conclusions and    

                               make justified recommendations to given issues and problems.    

                               Response are to be formatted into a professional report, as would be   

                               expected of someone working in a mordern accountant's or financial advisor's  


 Presentation:       2500 words +/- 10% typed in word .doc – essay format

                              Title page introduction suitable headings and subheadings                       

                              Conclusions/recommendations reference list (Harvard – Anglia style)           

                              Attachments e.g. Spreadsheets

Research Requirement:   Students need to support their analysis with reference from The Text  

                                           And a minimum of six (6) suitable,  reliable, current and academically acceptable sources- check with your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources. Group seeking credit or above grades should support their analysis with increased number of references sources comparable to the grade they are seeking.

Marking Guide:            Analysis                                                 30%

                                        Research - extent and application         30%

                            Recommendations/conclusion              20%

                            Presentation                                           20%


                           Total mark will be scaled to a mark out of 30

A more detailed marking guide will be provided via Moodle.


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