FN0361 Contemporary Corporate Reporting


Maximum of 1,200 words.


You are a financial analyst, advising clients on investment decisions. A client is interested in investing £500,000 in your chosen company. The client requires you to produce a detailed report on this company clearly showing your recommendation on whether or not the investment should be made.


You are required to critically analyse and evaluate the financial performance of your company. You should concentrate on the performance over the past two years, but it is expected that you will use up to five years’ performance to base your analysis on.

You need to provide the client with a business report which includes your analysis and evaluation of the critical areas of your company. The report must conclude with your recommendation to the client as to whether or not the investment should be made.

You MUST include a copy of your company’s income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement for the latest year you are analysing, as an appendix to the report.

Detailed marking criteria are provided at the end of this document.




Maximum of 800 words


Consider how your company communicates their strategies, performance and corporate policies.


Using corporate impression management theories discussed during lectures and seminars, critically evaluate and conclude on the usefulness, effectiveness and reliability of the non-financial content of your company’s corporate report.


You may choose one part of the annual report, for example the Chairman’s statement, for your evaluation.


You should include relevant extracts from the annual report to support your analysis. 


Detailed marking criteria are provided at the end of this document.

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