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Must answer the following specific questions

Section A: Basic Analysis (25% marks)

  1. What proportions of the students in your sample are domestic students and what proportion are international?
  1. What is the relationship between price and estimated average weekly consumption of beverages by students in your sample?
  1. Summarise the beverage preferences for your sample of student. What are the most popular and least popular beverages?
  1. Will price affect preference? (Do students in your sample Indicate that they would change to their second preference if this beverage was 25%, 40% or 60% cheaper than their first preference?)

 Section B: The behavior of domestic students vis-a-vis international students (25% marks)


  1. How does the demand (price-quantity relationship) of International students differ from that of domestic students in your sample?
  1. Compare the distribution of beverage preferences for domestic and international students. What are the most and least popular beverages for students in each group?
  1. Does price influence choice of beverage for domestic students more than for international students?

Section C: Advance scenarios (25% marks)

  1. Suppose, you randomly selected a student from the 2015 BUS1BAN class.
  1. How likely is It that the student will be a domestic student and how likely is it that the student will be an International student ?Provide interval estimates and interpret Your results.
  2. How likely is It that the student will choose soft drink (Pepsi, Coke etc.) as their first preference? Provide interval estimates and interpret your results.
  3. What is the probability that the student will choose tea/coffee as their second preference if he or she selected soft drink(pepsi, Coke etc) as the first preference? Provide Interval estimates and interpret your results.
  1. It is claimed that more than 25% of the students at La Trobe prefer soft drinks over any other beverage. Use your sample data to test this claim at 1% , 5% and 10% levels of significance?
  1. Suppose a total of 20,000 students (10,000 domestic & 10,000 international students) attend La trobe University every week. The university expects this number to increase to 25,000 next year (comprising of 10,000 domestic international students. Using your survey results, calculate the impact of change on aggregate consumption of beverages at La Trobe.
  1. Summary and discussion (20% Marks) :


  • Provide a quick summary of the MAIN RESULTS from your analysis of the da (response to section A, B and C)
  • Discuss possible errors in predicting weekly or monthly beverage consumption 2016 based on this survey. For example :
  • Seasonal variations: Comment whether or not we should be concerned about the timing of the survey (august which is a cold month).
  • Sampling method: Critically evaluate the sample selection method in the assignment and discuss whether or not inference about all students in the university in parts 9 and 10 based on this sample are valid.



Can you suggest what additional information would be needed to reduce these errors

Suggested word limit for each section


Suggested maximum word limit


80 words

Section A

240 words

Section B

240 words

Section C

240 words

Summary and discussion

200 words


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