BSBLDR501 - Develop and use emotional intelligence Summative Assessments 1

Assessment Description

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Question 1

  • Explain emotional intelligence and outline the principles of self-regulation and self-awareness? (100–150 words)

Question 2

  • Describe the relationship between emotionally effective leaders and their ability le to inspire workers to attain business objectives? Provide at least three reasons. (100–150 words)

Question 3

  • Explain how to communicate with a diverse workforce which has varying cultural expressions by taking into account display rules Provide at least three examples of the different ways emotions are displayed in other cultures and explain how that might affect the way you would interact with them. (150–200 words)

Question 4

  • Explain the use of emotional intelligence in the context of building workplace relationships by managing stress/ conflict. (200–300 words)

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