7SSMM518 Marketing Analytics Assignment


Purple4 is a small (fictitious) telecommunications company operating in the US. The company is relatively successful, but wishes to grow and diversify further in the future. It has a number of ideas for further development and wishes to use the power of marketing analytics to see some of them come to fruition. These include the development of a new credit card built into a phone app, a new loan business, with loans assessed and delivered via a mobile phone app, and car insurance. You have been tasked with developing marketing analytics projects to aid in future decisions about the company. You cannot do everything so you must be selective about the project, techniques and data used.

In particular, some of the questions that the company has are as follows:

  • Who are our most valuable customers?

  • Which customers are leaving us and why?

  • To which of our customers should we consider providing loans?

  • To which of our customers should we consider providing mobile credit cards?

  • To which of our customers should we consider providing car insurance?

  • Given our limited resources, which of the three product offers should we rollout to our complete customer base?

    The data set purple4.sav is available on KEATS. The data set includes a representative sample of 4865 customers (N.B. only a subset in order for all students to able to complete this assignment on their own computers). The data set (much of this is compiled from third party providers) includes information collected on the characteristics of customers, aspects of their consumer and lifestyle behaviour, financial behaviour, telecommunications product purchases, other products purchased, and details on responses to three recent marketing campaigns. There are many variables and part of the challenge will be for you to identify which variables are most useful for your analysis.


    Project Proposal

    The purple4.sav data set is used for this assignment and is available from KEATS. For the project proposal, you should complete the following:

  • Describe the basic features of the data set.

  • State several possible issues that the data set will enable you to investigate (and which

    data you would use).

  • Select and discuss a specific marketing problem in the organisation that would require

    marketing analytics to solve.

  • State your chosen techniques for investigating the problem, including a critical assessment

    of their benefits and limitations.
    Submit a 500-word proposal by Friday, 16th February, 2018.


Written Report

  • The assignment requires you to follow-through with your proposed analysis. The document should be written in Microsoft Word in the style of a report aimed at senior managers. It should be no more than 3000 words, double-spaced, in a font size no less than 11-points. You must cite and reference all sources used in the report. The report should consist of the following:


  • Executive Summary: a non-technical summary of the report, including the aims, methodology used and major findings/implications.

  • Introduction: This should explain the business problem and context of the study, including a clear statement of the aim and objectives. Explain why the study is needed and what it will deliver. Note any limitations; issues that, though important to the marketing decision, are not addressed in the report.

  • Methodology: There are several key elements to mention. First, data selection and data preparation should be explained. Which aspects of the data set will you use in the report? Is any data cleansing or preparation needed, e.g. recoding of variables? Second, the analytical procedures must be explained. Describe the analytical techniques that you have used and explain why you have used them. How will you build, train and test your models? How will you evaluate the quality of your models? Third, think about how the results of your analysis should be visualised. Could advanced SAP visualisations or dashboards be employed usefully in the study?

  • Results: This should indicate, for each research objective, the main findings of your analysis. A preliminary section may be used to provide any descriptive statistics on the data set. The main body of the section will provide the results of applying your marketing analytics techniques to the data set. Interpret and discuss the findings that you describe, rather than merely reciting the numbers. You must indicate, where appropriate, whether your findings are statistically significant. You must also evaluate the quality of your modelling and analysis.

  • Recommendations: In this section, you should summarise your major findings and link your recommendations for management, based on your results. This should include an action plan for how will the findings be deployed in the organisation, including the measurement and monitoring of successful outcomes.

    The report will be marked on: (i) idea, method and design; (ii) quality of data analysis and interpretation of results; (iii) quality of recommendations; and (iv) readability (clarity of writing and organization of material).

    Some hints on effective report writing:

  1. Make the report clear, professional and well designed.

  2. Number the pages.

  3. Divide the report into sections with appropriate headings.

  4. Include a table of contents with page numbers.

  5. Avoid using technical language unless needed. This is particularly important when writing

    the executive summary.

  6. Write the document for a senior manager. Thus, they will be most interested in your

    research findings and their implications for business.

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